AVIP  is  a  professional design + architecture firm, built on original designs and reliable builds.
Since  our  inception  in  1995, we’ve always taken the time to understand our clients. This has
enabled  us  to  deliver  distinctive  results  -  from  practical  designs  and  desking  solutions  to
build  management.  As  every  company  has  its  own  unique  way  of  working, so every design
delivers a different workplace solution.

At  AVIP  we  believe  that  to  be  effective,  design  for  workspaces  needs  to be a reflection of  your
company's  values,  your  people and your organizational processes. By taking the  time  to  understand
your company and your processes, a practical, unique and extraordinary design solution can be achieved.


Citibank Story
A chance meeting at a trade show in Germany planted a creative seed that led to a global design + build assignment with Citibank. When Frans Spanjaart, the founder of AVIP, showed the client his furniture workshop in Beverwijk, Citibank were so impressed with the quality of the workmanship on show and design ability that AVIP was assigned the project coordinating role to design, specify and create the entire documentation to build hundreds of Citibank branches in 60 countries around the world. For a solid 10 years AVIP proved itself to be more than capable of the complex global task and a reliable design and delivery partner.

L'Oreal Story
When L'Oreal's new Indonesian headquarters opened to much fanfare in 2013, there was much to highlight in the young and bright office space, spread over 3 floors right in the heart of Jakarta. What makes our design particularly special was the achievement of a Platinum Green Certificate, a first for any interior design company in Indonesia, and proof of our commitment to environmental and sustainable materials and practices in the workplace. With its agile workspaces and flexible materials, working and meeting in the high density space is both productive and private thanks to the fantastic acoustics and comfortable seating arrangements. Such an incredible achievement would not have been possible without an inspiring client who wanted the best and would not accept compromises. Thank you L'Oreal!!


  • 2015    From Strength to Strength
    What a great start to the year! We are working on over 20,000m2 of projects from Lazada, MRA, AXA, Unilever and Mane, amongst others.
  • 2014    Exploiting our Differences
    Successfully completed unique projects for Honda, Fluor, IFF (laboratory) and Noble Denton.
  • 2013    Platinum Green Certificate
    Our main achievement was L’Oréal’s outstanding, new 3-floor headquarters in downtown Jakarta.
  • 2011    Our own Workshop
    Our own, purpose-built workshop opened its doors. Finally we have a place where we can control manufacturing - building our own products with improved punctuality and better quality. The first pieces to leave the workshop were for the Novartis project.
  • 2009    Design Consultants And Contractors
    AVIP changed its business scope, transforming the company into design consultants and contractors and dropping our activity as distributor and supplier of products.
  • 2005    First Architectural Project
    The refurbishment of the facade of Circle K office in Nusa Dua, Bali, was our first architectural project.
  • 2004    Herman Miller Supplier
    We began as a supplier of Herman Miller chairs. AVIP took part as an exhibitor for the first time in the Renovation Expo fare in JCC exhibiting Aeron, Mirra and Caper chairs.
  • 2003    APSDA
    AVIP participated as an exhibitor in the APSDA Design Interior fare in Bali.
  • 2002    Desso Carpet Distributor
    AVIP was acting in Jakarta as a Desso Carpet distributor.
  • 2000    Permata Hijau Office
    The company moved to our current four-floor building in Permata Hijau – and it’s still our home!
  • 1999    Knock-down Table
    Using the knock down concept the Citibank table was designed, developed and shipped worldwide over the next ten years.
  • 1995    First Step in Jakarta
    The first Citibank headquarters office was built in Sudirman area, Jakarta, and meant the establishment of the company in the country. PT AVIP Interiors was established in Jakarta as a retail business. Originally the company was located in Taman Alfa Indah.
  • 1992    AVIP USA
    AVIP USA set up in Hackets's town, New Jersey. Our services were assigned for offices, banks, shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • 1990    Citibank 500 Branches
    The huge and relevant Citibank project in cooperation with JB & C in New York City meant the building of 500 branches in 60 countries all over the world.
  • 1980    Beginning In The Netherlands
    AVIP Holding was born with the establishment of the head office in Beverwijk, The Netherlands.