• Getting To Know You

    Every company has its own inimitable identity or fingerprint - that what sets you apart and defines how you operate. Our starting point is, quite simply, to take the time to get to know you, your business and what makes you unique.

    By immersing ourselves in your world enables our designers to better understand your business challenges and office or commercial space limitations. This helps them to determine your exact company culture, priorities and work flows - essential considerations in designing any workplace interior.

  • A 4-Step Process

    The AVIP team incorporates an effective 4-step process for designing & developing the ideal workspace.

    Step 1
    Definition: Exploration & Analysis
    Our process begins with a thorough exploration of your business processes and corporate culture. Like people, organizations have personalities; AVIP's aim is to create a design that reflects a company's values, operational processes and agile work solutions. Our detailed analysis of the environment ensures that our designers make optimal us of the light, material, space and services.
    Step 2
    Design: Concepts
    Applying the 40 years of knowledge we've gained in providing exceptional interior design to workplaces around the world, our experts will devise a solution that fits your style, budget and strategic goals. Using sustainable design practices mingled with the latest commercial design trends, we will generate an innovative design that works for your employees, your customers and the environment. After your final approval, we'll move on to the next stage of bringing your design to life.
    Step 3
    Design Development: Translation to BoQ
    If we are engaged to build your workplace then the crucial next step is to translate the designs into a realistic Bill of Quantities (BoQ) and shop-ready drawings. With our in-house design translators and 3-D artists we know how to embrace complexity and avoid mistakes in connecting the design phase with the build phase.
    Step 4
    Construction: Workplace Build
    During this phase, most interior designers remove themselves from the equation. AVIP rejects that notion of limited responsibility and stays with you throughout the build process. Weekly meetings, project management and regular sharing of information keep the process moving smoothly and professionally.
  • Fabulous Interior Design

    Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are developed and personalised for each client. By understanding your personal taste, company style and space constraints, we deliver exclusive interior design solutions that are both practical and punchy.

  • Multinational Team

    AVIP is built on a team of highly-skilled and prolific designers and architects from around the world. What unites them is a love of the essence of design - form, function and global best practices.

  • The Impossible is Possible

    The right furnishings, fixtures and fittings are just as important to the overall effectiveness of our concepts as the structure which holds it all together. We often manufacture ourselves, customising desking solutions to get the right shape and style, even engineering system furniture specifically for the working environment, like a laboratory for instance. We believe in the impossible, challenging the limits of conventional sourcing to look beyond the local market for foreign-produced materials.

  • Design + Build Under One Roof

    As a design-build firm, AVIP is involved from start to finish of your project, providing both services under one roof. There are tremendous advantages to working with designers that can think like builders and builders who can think like designers, working efficiencies being a primary one. But most importantly, by collaborating across services we can save you both time and money.

  • Green Credentials

    AVIP is the first interior design company in Indonesia to achieve a Platinum Green Certificate with the IEC certification body. We can advise on which sustainable materials to be used and improve energy use in new builds. This market-leading approach helps our clients to score points for potential certification to international 'green' standards such as Singaporean/US LEED or the Indonesian Green Building Council. This certification is proof of our commitment towards protecting the environment and enhancing sustainability within the workplace.