Apr 15th, 2016
Designing Quality for More than 20 Years

AVIP Interior & Architecture, Designing Quality for More than 20 Years


As far as design firms go, AVIP Interiors is one of the most well-respected names in the industry. Having been involved in designing and building offices in Indonesia for 25 years, today’s AVIP Interiors team is made up of local and foreign talents that understand the the value of quality and how to work best with clients. NOW! Jakarta caught up with Daniel Prado, the head architect of the design firm to find out more about this time-honoured company.


How did it all begin for AVIP Design Firm and what landed the company in Indonesia?

AVIP started as a detailed and quality focused company developing furniture and product design for the European Market through it’s main factory in Holland. As the company grew and it’s client list expanded we were engaged with projects in over 500 cities in more than 60 countries. Arriving to Indonesia in 1995 to develop projects for the Citibank group the company soon understood that there was a growing demand for quality design and build companies that the market simply could not supply. More than 20 years later we are still in here where we have established ourselves as leaders in our industry and trend makers in the region.


What is your scope of work?

With a total staff of over 100 talented people we are qualified to develop almost any type of work regarding the interior design, fit out, furniture manufacturing and architecture studies. We take pride in our work and we make sure that the great design that we propose gets executed and built to our highest standards, while respecting agreed schedules and budgets.


Can you tell us about the work process for AVIP?

Our first step is always to carefully listen to clients and their needs. We develop a detailed analysis and exploration of the project, perform interviews and site surveys and then get back to clients with our professional recommendations and proposals. We consider it our professional and deontological obligation to advise the client on the advantages and disadvantages of each solution so that they can make a calculated decision. As a second step we start developing design concepts that might reflect the proposed solutions and a design that might reflect the client and our vision. Once this process is fine tuned we move onto a costing and schedule translation ending with the construction phase where we ensure that our project managers, site managers construction workers and designers are fully aligned in terms of method, execution standards and main goals.


What do you think is the biggest obstacle for this business in Indonesia?

Well, for sure Indonesia is quite a specific and unique market to work in, even though it keeps improving year after the year. Nevertheless there are still several issues that concern mostly with the fact that it is still hard to find good quality and fully certified products in the market, which has forced us to become quite agile in sourcing from overseas fundamental materials like wood based boards that we are certain of obeying to international standards (many local materials are still rich in formaldehyde and do not respect western fire code requirements). Safety and quality always comes first to us and we help clients decide where to invest looking into the full life cycle of the project. Qualified staff and executors are also an area where the market is still improving but as much as possible we have perfected ways of coaching and minimizing human error.


How do you handle these problems?

That’s a good question! We know the limitations of the market and as such we make a huge commitment as a company to plan and anticipate these issues in advance. We have our own 6000m2 factory where we work with the highest quality machines from Homag that are fully automatized and synchronized with the latest WoodCadCam software being used at the office. This ensures that the design is properly engineered and is properly translated into built solutions. In order to account for market material limitations AVIP makes regular investments on stocking its own materials from Europe to ensure that any project that comes in can be built in the shortest time, to the highest quality and at competitive prices.


With the surge of green certification projects throughout the world, has it affected your designs here? And how do you see Indonesia reacting to this demand?

There is a growing spontaneous demand from companies requiring for the fit-out to be green certified. We can comply fairly easily with this as almost the totality of our products are certified and we obey to the best international practices. We can give a good example with design and build for the L’Oréal head quarters where we have exceeded clients expectations by achieving Platinum Green certified interiors fitted-out by the Green Council of Indonesia. Of course there is still a long way to go until these practices become standard in Indonesian culture but we are happy to be part of this change and committed to helping clients reach it.


Can you tell us more about your talent team?

Our team is a result of a mix of several different professionals that share the same passion, dedication and professionalism towards the project and the clients. We have talented people from several nationalities, cultures, faiths and backgrounds. We like to be different and constantly reinvent ourselves as we believe in diversity and we know that this can only bring added value to the table, helping us thinking out of the box and reaching extraordinary solutions for our clients!