Apr 15th, 2016
Fabulous Furniture Systems

Fabulous Furniture Systems


The Impossible is Possible

The right furnishings, fixtures and fittings are just as important to the overall effectiveness of our concepts as the structure which holds it all together. With our own furniture factory, we can manufacture desking solutions to get the right shape and style, even engineering system furniture specifically for the type of space, whether a hotel, office or laboratory. We believe in the impossible, challenging the limits of conventional sourcing to look beyond the local market for foreign-produced materials.


Furniture Manufacture

Our new furniture factory in Tangerang, West Java is testament to AVIP’s belief that while it continues to create bespoke designs for each and every one of its projects, so it needs the capability to produce customised furniture solutions for each and every client.

We’ve invested in the latest high-precision machinery for automation and to produce up to Western standards. With state-of-the-art drafting software, bespoke furniture designs and technical proportions are instantly transferred from blueprint draught to factory production line, accelerating and simplifying the whole process. Our craftsmen make all this possible: furniture that’s built to last and tailored for your business, whether an office, hotel or retail space.