Frans Spanjaart
With over 30 years experience as a furniture maker and project leader and over 20 years living in Indonesia, Mr. Spanjaart is the CEO of Avip Interiors. After having run the family business Interieurbouw Beverwijk for a decade and influenced by his father’s job since his childhood, Meubel Fabriek Beverwijk, 1985, was his first own company in the Netherlands which merged later with two other partners to become BASIM Interior Maker. Four years later he left the partnership and established Avip Holland and afterwards Avip New Jersey. It run the year 1992 when Frans was invited to join JB&C in New York to work on the corporate design of Citibank which was designed and built in over 500 Citibank branches worldwide in more than 60 countries. This project brought him to Indonesia and after falling in love with the country and the people he decided to establish Avip Interiors in Jakarta. A golf player, a painting and sculpture collector, a traveler and a life lover with passion for wine and cigars, Frans transmits his enthusiasm in every stage at work.