Sheila Leovisa
Interior Designer

"Design is something that comes from great deal of thoughts and reflection of what you are trying to accomplish" 

Enthusiastic and passionate in design and graduated in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineer Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, she moved to Italy to take a Master’s degree in Interior Design at Instituto Europeo di Design Milano. It was in Milan where she started her steps as interior designer working for Well Made Factory Srl. Back in Indonesia, she worked as senior interior designer and project manager. Socialization helps her to improve her design in which she tries to understand people through her design.

Open-minded and involved in social programs, she collaborated with Red Cross and mingled with people from different culture and background. Public speaking, marketing and communication skills are part of her strengths.

Winner of the Design Competition by Novartis 2012, this cheerful young Indonesian participated in the Biennale Architettura Competition for Indonesian Pavilion 2013 as well as in ING Billboard Design Competition 2012 and was nominated as one of the youth icon for Aplaus Magazine and was Miss Congeniality of Sumatera Utara 2008.