Astra Learning Centre Renovation is AVIP’s latest project for Astra International which is based in Sunter, Jakarta. This historical building was previously functioning as learning centre, museum and workspace. Astra’s board has now decided to transform the building into learning function alone.

According to the detailed and specific brief, Astra’s team asked AVIP to hold on to their core value which is “Catur Dharma”, which derives from Sanskerta Language. After doing extensive research and studying this value, AVIP came out with ‘Catur Daaru’ concept and that guided the design in identifying the zoning, function, flow and aesthetical point of view.

The project consists of 8 floors with two typical floors and has a major renovation in the dining area and the executive training area.

Dominated with neutral elements and woven rattan, the area is designed to be more vernacular and open, yet modern and functional.


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