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AVIP creates exceptional workspaces which are a direct reflection of your company’s identity, values, people and organisational processes.

What started with the assignment to build hundreds of Citibank branches in 60 countries around the world has evolved into an amazing portfolio of workspace builds for hundreds of international and local cooperations.

ASTRA Learning Centre - Interior | Design project | Concept: 'Catur Daaru'

DANA (1/3) - Project 1 of 3 - Interior | Design and Build | 'Digital Jungle'

Corteva - Office Interior | Design and Build | 'BIO-OFFICE'

Tokopedia Care - Interior + Architecture | Design and Build | 'Cloud Office'

L’Oréal - Interior + Architecture | Design and Build | Office 'Greenship Platinum Certified"

Robert Walters - Interior | Design and Build | Office 'Cubic Space'

DANA (3/3) - Project 3 of 3 - Interior & Architecture | Design and Build | 'Digital Tribes'

AVIP has created outstanding interior and architecture solutions for 500+ clients for more than 20 years

Welcome to the DIGITAL JUNGLE
The concrete jungle is no more. Money has become digitised, the idea of the cubicle is outdated. We want to bring the beautiful Indonesian jungle inside, mixing areas of work and play, promoting a sustainable and green environment, and letting employees creativity run ‘wild’ so to speak.

For over 20 years we create amazing workspace designs for the Who’s who of local and international cooperations. By understanding your personal taste, company style, space and budget constraints, we deliver exclusive interior design solutions that are both practical and punchy.

Design + build. AVIP is involved from start to finish of your project, providing both services under one roof. There are tremendous advantages to working with designers that can think like builders and builders who can think like designers, working efficiencies being a primary one. But most importantly, by collaborating across services we can save you both time and money.

Our innovative designs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping up with the latest trends and research in office design. Ergonomics, multifunction workspaces, breakout areas, employee wellbeing and obtaining green certification are at the core of our designs, while never losing our sense of fun.

Getting to know you. Every company has its own fingerprint, and that’s what sets you apart and defines how you operate. Our starting point is, quite simply, taking the time in getting to know you, your business and what makes you unique. We then get to know the space. Our detailed analysis of your future office ensures that our designers make optimal use of light, materials and space.

Green Credentials. AVIP is the first interior design company in Indonesia to achieve a Platinum Green Certificate with the IEC certification body. We advise our clients on sustainable materials, and can help guide you through the process should your company wish to pursue green credentials. We have expertise knowledge in working with the Singaporean Green Building Council (SGBC), Indonesian Green Building Council (IGBC) and LEED accrediting bodies.

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