One of the most multidisciplinary teams in Indonesia

AVIP's team is making a strategy on this discussion table for their next interior design project. They are with 4 people.

Our skill set

AVIP aims to offer clients a one-stop-shop, where all their design problems are resolved under one roof. We are here to help you efficiently and hassle-free strategize, design, and build a new workspace.
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Workplace Strategy

Our strategy translates your business aspirations into effective design solutions while maintaining brand identity and targets. This collaborative process will set the foundation for your future workplace.

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Sustainable Strategy

We have assisted our clients by creating sustainable workspaces; meeting the interior standards of LEED and GBCI. 

For reference please have a look at the following projects:
L'Oréal or Unilever

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Interior Design

We believe in creating interior spaces that radiate positive energy and become landmarks of success. All companies are a reflection of their values, people, and organizational processes, hence, we strive to learn about your company and create exceptionally unique design solutions.

A 3D artist at AVIP in front of his monitor making a 3D interior rendering for Estee Lauder. The design so far is looking bright, luxurious and modern.
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We cater to architectural concerns while ensuring sustainability, and the aesthetics of the design. Our team is on standby to restore and renovate structural as well as design elements of the building.

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Graphic Design

Every work environment requires a touch of extra in order to make the user experience meaningful, productive, and inspiring while it matches the brand identity. Our Graphic Designers have the expertise to assist the project to attain that final bit.

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Smart Technology

The world is racing with its ever-growing smart technology. Our team of designers is proficient with all the latest technological developments.

Providing solutions such as access control, room booking systems, video walls, conference call set-ups, and much more. We are all set to propose the right solutions for your vision.

This is a 3D render of the customer services command centre AVIP designed and built for Tokopedia. The room is has space for nine people, who all face at 14 TV screens that show customer service data.
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Custom Furniture Design

Furniture plays an essential role when it comes to a fully functioning space. For every project, we generate custom solutions to ensure the furniture perfectly suits the environment and the way your team works.

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Project Management

We ensure to keep you well-informed throughout the entire process. Our substantial project management expertise ensures quality design services that meet all business requirements.

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Interior Fit-Out

Your project will be developed according to the design, with a high degree of quality, and within budget. Having worked in almost every skyscraper in Jakarta and with projects of every range (100-20.000m²), our combined experience will undoubtedly produce the desired results.

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Every workspace relies on an MEP setup that supports its operational demands. Our in-house team can create and build structures for AC, plumbing, electrical, emergency power, data cabling, network,and telecom.

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Furniture production

Following our goal to provide more services under one roof, we opened our own 5.500m2 production facility in 2016. 

This imperative decision has proven to be successful over the past years. With fewer limitations in designing furniture and control over lead-time + quality, we have been able to deliver improved results to our clients.

The is a computer operated Panel dividing saw from Homag in AVIP's factory. This is the first step in the process of making furniture; resizing full wood panels to the custom needs.