Transforming Indonesian interiors

Someone is entering AVIP's office through the front door.
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AVIP is a family owned and operated Interior Design + Build company.

Since our inception in 1986 we’ve grown from a few designers into a 100+ multi-disciplined, strong team. A lot has changed since then, except for one thing:

Passion for design is a fundamental part of our DNA.

Three AVIP team members that are having a discussion about an interior design lay-out that one them is holding in his hand.

With more than 30 years’ office design + build experience, we’ve built a reputation for reliability and excellence.

AVIP continues to focus on contemporary design, sustainable builds and the latest technology for improving workspace functionality.

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Everything we've achieved is a direct result of teamwork

Always striving to challenge the status quo

What we create, we create to last - it’s as simple as that

A partner you can count on, no matter what

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A meeting room design for Kompas that is in-line with out Vision; creating welcoming, sustainable and inspiring environments for Indonesia.

Creating beautiful interiors that contribute to our client’s success and enhance their people’s work lives

To transform every workplace in Indonesia into a welcoming, sustainable and inspiring environment.

"What unites us is a love of design - form, function and global best practices"
Close-up of a person making adjustments to an interior design lay-out on a touchscreen monitor.
Two team members are looking at a monitor and discussing a technical drawing of a interior design lay-out.
A 3D artist at AVIP in front of his monitor making a 3D interior rendering for Estee Lauder. The design so far is looking bright, luxurious and modern.
Close-up of a person going through various colorful fabrics for a interior design project.