Inspiring interior designs and reliable builds

One of AVIP's interior designers is making sketches and comments on a technical drawing.
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Design + Build

We offer an interior design and build solution under one roof with the intention of achieving an optimized workflow and a precise lookout from the beginning of design to the final built result.

We look after every process from start to finish; giving you a single proficient team throughout your office reinvention journey.

Working with us will allow you to sit back and relax while we craft a space that reflects the values of your business and will support your team for years to come.

design+build projects

This parallel working approach allows us to create a design that precisely meets your budget, start progress on site ahead of full completion of the design, and optimize the entire workflow through one unified team.

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Interior Design

We know the significance of interior design when it comes to creating a constructive and stimulating workspace. Our designers take the time to understand your company and work step by step to achieve the benchmark of quality.

Your unique office design will reflect your brand and its values while making it an enjoyable work environment.

Interior design projects

The process starts with a concept design based on your initial brief. From there we will develop floor layout(s), photorealistic 3D renders, and axonometric views. Once the interior design is perfectly aligned with your wishes, we will transform it into a package that can behanded over to your contractor for construction.  

During this last phase our designer(s) shall collaborate with your contractor to ensure the design is built accordingly.

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Interior contractor

We never compromise on quality and we guarantee to deliver timely, and on budget. Our proficient in-house team will provide all the facilities related to the process of building your new workspace.

Throughout the process we will keep you continously updated, with as minimum per week a team meeting and a progress report + on-site photos per email.

A technical drawing for an interior design project printed on A3 paper. On top is a pen, Calipers, and ruler.
The is a computer operated Panel dividing saw from Homag in AVIP's factory. This is the first step in the process of making furniture; resizing full wood panels to the custom needs.
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Custom furniture

We understand that furniture plays an essential part in optimizing your workplace, hence, there should be no limitations in design or quality.

Informal meeting pods, a simple workstation, or maybe an extraordinary reception desk; the right furniture will make a impact. Let our designers surprise you with all that is possible.

The final design will be produced, with care, in our purpose-build factory. We exclusively work with panels that are imported from Europe, keeping durability and quality intact, and providing a 5-year warranty.

3D view of a reception desk designed by AVIP's desingers and eventually produced in our own factory.
3D view of a huge round meeting table. The table is a custom design by AVIP and the office chairs are imported Humanscale chairs from Europe.

Our factory

We insist on delivering a high quality end-product and to help achieve this we opened our own 5.500 m² furniture production facility in 2016. Equipped with imported German machinery, this facility has got what it takes to deliver furniture timely and guarantee durability.
Stacks of wood panels in factory hall, imported from Europe for it's unmatched quality.
The is a computer operated Panel dividing saw from Homag in AVIP's factory. This is the first step in the process of making furniture; resizing full wood panels to the custom needs.
Factory worker in the factory's storage space looking for hardware to assemble and complete furniture productions.
A small piece of wood panel in the CNC machine. This machine is used for precise customization.
A CNC machine from machine producer Homag. This computer operated machine is used for precise customization of ready-szied wood panels
A forklift transporting wood panels to the running blade machine.

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