A Commitment to Growing Progress

Design + Build
1.029 m²
Bright and welcoming lobby of Corteva's new office in Jakarta. Interior Design + Build by AVIP

Project story

Corteva is a unique project. We finished the project even before this new division of DowDuPont was publicly launched in 2019, so our work had to remain confidential. Yet the requirement and flow were very strict to follow.

We designed Corteva with the philosophy of life and the concept chosen for this project is BIO-OFFICE, inspired by their line of business; agriculture. We took the pillars inside the space and made them the center of every cluster, shaded by an organic shape of stretched membrane representing the tree roof. The idea of this was to fill the area with enough lighting since the facade is not fully glass covered and in some clusters they work until late.

We fulfill the other functions with natural elements such as rattan cocoons, wooden ottomans and an amphitheater style pantry area with wood feel materials to enhance the feeling of nature.