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Design + Build
1.500 m²
Laboratorium for IFF's research department. Interior Design + Build by AVIP.

Project story

The design brief for IFF was unique in that a new office building would be constructed on their existing site, surrounded by their original buildings from 1958. AVIP was commissioned to design the layout for both the new office as well as the laboratory areas. The objective of the design was to produce a work space that would complement IFF’s corporate work ethics, brand and ideology, while at the same time create an intriguing atmosphere that would motivate and produce a creative energy in which the best ideas are born. Through the concept of hyper-modern the ambience is fresh, bright and seamless. As IFF aimed to achieve LEED green building/interior certification, wherever possible AVIP utilized natural and eco-friendly materials and incorporated reused or recycled materials in contrast and in combination with transparent, translucent and reflective materials.