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Design + Build
4.879 m²
Two team members discussing work in a meeting room. Through the floor to ceiling glass you can see the reception area of Lamudi's new Jakarta office. Interior design and build by AVIP.

Project story

Lamudi is one of our most challenging and cooperative client. With more than 4.500m² project, we were challenged to design their new home and a hanging garden area - located on the 51st floor.We also demolished approximately 80 sqm of the floor to create amphitheatre seating style townhall area for all the Lamudians and it also serves as an internal staircase. The concept is very unique, we take "camping ground" as the concept where we design the office not only to create a healthy working environment but also to encourage people to move, colaborate, and making the office a fun stop to visit!

We took wood, plants and company colors to work on the design and ambience, yet elevate everything to be more elegant and professional looking.