Setting the pace for a retail revolution

Design + Build
3.600 m²
Bright and open reception area of Lazada's office. Interior Design + Build by AVIP.

Project story

AVIP was hired to design and build Lazada Indonesia’s new Jakarta Office – a 3,600 sqm workspace for over 500 employees. The challenge was to find a functional solution to accommodate the large number of staff yet also provide them with something creative and comfortable. We concentrated on developing the concept of 'FUNtastic', which is all about breaking down the barriers of independent work to improve sharing and communicating between employees while working in a high density space. To do this, we focused on creating connective pockets or breakout areas and maximized discussion areas for every reachable point within the layout. In maximizing the use of natural light, playing with the dynamic flow of staff, focusing on graphic and multifunction walls, the space has never been as FUNtastic as now.