The Conference Hall is located at the WTC 3 Building. The capacity of the lobby is 75 people, the lounge also 75 people and the conference hall 160 people. 310 People in total is large enough to accommodate trainings, business meetings, product launches and many more events that need a welcoming atmosphere and a strategic location In the heart of Jakarta.

The concept design of the interior design  is to create a modern , clean cut corporate conference hall that is supported with plenty space to coversate and network. The chairs and table have the flexibility to fit different configurations. The three mobile TV stands can also be divided into two big rooms and one big area with centered stage. The facility provides an informal meeting table, a lounge and a VIP toilet.

The Ambience is international and modern chic style, yet simple with rich texture and color tone. Lastly, the conference hall has acoustic wall panels for optimal sound absorption.

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